Women’s Urinary Health Specialists

Let’s face it – urinary health is important. If something is off, it can be painful and require immediate attention. Other times it may be more of a daily bother, keeping you from your best workout or leaving you with embarrassing accidents. At South Lake Women’s Health Care, we offer in-office solutions and can quickly and easily identify any issues and provide treatment to get you back on your way.

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Common Conditions
  • urinating frequently – frequent urination can often be caused by food and drinks, and can be cured with minor dietary changes, while other times it requires bladder training or medication for good control
  • leaking urine (stress urinary incontinence and urge urinary incontinence) – fFor women who leak when they laugh, cough, sneeze, jump or exercise, we offer the CORE Intima vaginal laser, which provides quick relief with no down-time; South Lake Women’s Healthcare can continue to offer other treatments as well
  • bladder prolapse
  • interstitial cystitis – South Lake Women’s Healthcare offers bladder instillations, medical treatment protocols, and counseling on best nutrition for interstitial cystitis; we’ll make referrals to physical therapy and acupuncture as needed, and do not prescribe narcotic pain medication for interstitial cystitis (but can make pain medicine referrals as needed)

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